Common Vaping Problems and How to solve them

Vaping is an interesting experience but sometimes buying it as online products can be quite frustrating. There are many problems associated with vaping, but luckily there are several solutions to these problems.

Having e-liquid leakage through the airflow

Check the coil and replace it if necessary. Also, ensure there is no direct heat. Check the kind of liquid you are using and ensure it is compatible with your gadget. Increase the power to enhance vaporized juice per puff. It is also advisable to empty the tank before getting on the plane.

Vape battery not working 

This problem can be corrected through various means. First, check and see whether you have pressed the power. If this does not work check whether you have charged it and then check whether there are connection issues.

The mod’s OLED screen indicates there is no atomizer

Check the atomizer to review whether the tank is crooked. Check the pin to see whether adjusted to your comfort. You can also check the coil to see whether it is loose or has vape juice that could be causing clogging.

Failure to get any draw from vaping device

Check battery, liquid, and connection. The battery should be switched on, the tank should not be an empty and proper connection to battery and coil.

Getting spitting or gurgling sound when trying to vape 

In case of this problem, flick the device, check for liquid overflow, soak and dry your tank.

Having e-liquid leakage from the tank

Do not overfill your tank or over tighten your gadget. Check the O-ring and replace or clean it. Ensure there are no cracks on the tank. It is advisable to keep the device in an upright position.

The OLED screen appear blank 

Check and confirm whether the nod is in stealth mode. You can also check whether the firmware is up to date.

Your e-liquid turning blank 

Always store your liquid in a dark, cool, and dry environment. Do not leave the vape juice in the tank for too long. You can also check on the strength of the e-liquid. Those with high nicotine will easily vaporize and appear black. Ensure your tank is clean.

Getting dry heat or a burnt state after vaping

Check and replace the coil. After replacing the coil, ensure it is properly primed. Allow the coil to absorb the liquid. Also, ensure your tank has enough e-liquid.

You are getting sore throat or dry after vaping 

Check your VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid. Try switching to vape juice because it has high VG content. Also, take lots of water. Reducing the number of puffs you take in quick succession will also be helpful. Ensure your tank contains enough liquid at any given time.

There are no enough clouds from the vape

Check whether your battery needs recharging and ensure the tank has enough liquid. Ensure the coil is not dry and it does not need replacement. Clean the contacts using a cotton swab.