Professional Services

The requirements of information and technology keep evolving extremely quickly. Businesses need solutions that are good enough to support their changing environment. Our experts at our professional services assist with designing, implementing, migration and other solutions. Omnicron Technologies Professional Services is focused on creating solutions such as systems, networking, storage, virtualization, faster disaster recovery, and high-availability.

Consultation For Data Centers

It involves services that provide the planning of storages, design of networks, consolidation of servers, amongst others. We have experts that will help you architect solutions and strategically plan things you need for the future.

Migration and Installation Services

Leave the old, and ease into the new hardware. We help you make better use of your time and maximally make use of your new investment.

 Integration Services

With this service, we provide consolidation of products, installation of operating systems, critical apps, stock inventory.

Audits and Healthcare

We provide audits and healthcare which ensures that your environment is pleasant and easy to work in for a long time.

Problem Assistance

We help you get unstuck. Use Omnicron Technologies Professional Services when you need assistance in determining slow storage, remediation of virtualization problems and network performance inconsistencies.

Upgrading and Patching

Add new features, update your security and add make your business more valuable.

Project Management

We employ a team to manage projects and follow-through, from the start to the end. Our project managers are certified and very experienced.

Staff Augmentation

Make your team more productive without increasing the number of team players. Hone the skills of your team members. We have experts ready to help you.

Disaster Recovery And Continuity of Business

Consultants are at your disposal to enable a DR plan and in architecting a solution of High Availability to keep you business-ready at all times.

Optimizing Your Datacenter

We are focused on optimizing your workspace and datacenter using hybrid-cloud, transformational and consolidation technologies. Your department will truly rise to deliver its optimal business value.

Managed Services

At Omnicron Technologies, we recognize that your technology needs support to function optimally. We provide management for your software systems, including cloud-based infrastructure, and provide solutions to reduce cost and ease management.

Business Continuity

Downtime is never a good thing for businesses. It affects its finances and reputation. Ere at Omnicron Technologies, we strive to minimize your downtime. We ensure that you will always be able to access your most important systems and with critical data, and we make it easier for you to migrate to bigger workloads and new platforms.

Solutions For Disaster Recovery

We help you protect the data of higher businessmen, minimize the risk of data loss, ensure compliant solutions and put in place an environment with resilient infrastructure.

Hosting Services

Omnicron Technologies provides infrastructure and services that enable faster recovery of data, archive, and make production workloads easier to bear. Omnicron offers services that see flexible, for your short and long term needs.

Support Systems For IT

Reliability is essential for IT solutions. Omnicron Technologies offers support systems for the IT of companies, whether the clients are shifting platforms, starting a new workload, or need resources for a project, we are here to help.

The Management And Administration Of Remote Systems

Omnicron Technologies offers service that is consistent, cost-effective and optimized. The remote systems include options for servers, storage and the management of networks.

Improve Data Resiliency

Data must be protected, not only in its physical form but in its virtual form too. We provide VM replication for your HA/DA requirements, as well as VM migration to move your data from one site to another.

Services For IT Support

The IT environment is always getting more expansive, and keeping it running without hitched can be difficult and expensive. Not updating your IT environment can cost you optimal productivity and less satisfied clients – it’s a risk you cannot take.

With our help, you can accelerate your productivity, prevent downtime and make your business save money and time.

Services For Audit Maintenance

Our services for audit maintenance helps you understand and quickly resolve issues with your IT maintenance contracts. We illuminate opportunities for better maintenance services for your key systems and minimize your downtime in emergency scenarios.

Portals For Omnicron Clients

We give increased visibility to your coverage. It will enable you to manage the maintenance of your equipment more efficiently. We provide up to date details concerning the level of your maintenance service and remind you of the renewal dates.

 Technical Custom Support

We provide clients with support services that are easy to understand, reduce the costs of operations and make the staff more productive, thereby enhancing performance and optimizing reliability.

Support Services For Multi-Vendors

When the maintenance support of your company for software, multivendor relationships and software is gotten from Omnicron Technologies, your increase your equipment ROI, and reduce your IT costs.

Solutions For Cloud Services

We provide robust cloud-based services for consultation, management,  consolidation and migration services through our team of Cloud Services experts.

Cloud Computing

In partnership with services for Amazon Web, IBM Cloud, and others, we provide you with increased flexibility and understanding of how Public Cloud works. We add Omnicron Managed Services, letting you focus on your business without worrying about the monitoring or administration of the cloud environment around you.


Give your team flexibility with tools like Cisco’s Spark, WebEx and more. Revolutionize the way you work.


This system is changing how companies view their network. It lets you extend your network, with low-cost connectivity.


We partner with more than 1400 colocation facilities worldwide so we can cater to your data centre needs best.

Unified Communications

In partnership with the providers of services for Hosted Communication, we work to fit services and provide seamless coverage with best-of-breed solutions which will increase the value of your business.


The risk of compromised security is growing at an alarming rate. We provide security and partner with the major providers of security (Managed Security Services) to increase your protection.


We offer Fiber, MPLS,  Managed WIFI, direct connection to cloud providers, and security services for networks. We help you with the consultation, consolidation, and negotiation of contracts with major companies that provide connectivity.