IT Solutions

We are very skilled in working with servers, storages and software products. We enable our clients to understand what they need and we give them solutions that are perfectly customized to their needs and increase their resiliency and efficiency in the workplace.


The consulting and sales experts help all companies, regardless of the company’s size, to cope with the demands of the business with tiered storage based on what the company needs.


Our experts help clients implement the infrastructures specifically designed for them.


Your network must never be compromised. If it is down, then so is your business. Our architects will ensure that your downtime is minimized and your network resilient.


We have a team of experts and consultants who will make sure that you have the solution that is the perfect fit for your environment.


Our experts work alongside you to fish out your potential vulnerabilities, and the impact a mishap may have on your company. We help resolve threats and secure unprotected areas.


Omnicron Technologies provides you with a portfolio about cloud-based services that are robust, internally developed and also the services of reputable cloud providers worldwide.