How Much Does Disaster Recovery Cost Compared to Downtime?

A disaster recovery solution is a solution that comes very handy. It is like an investment, and it is something you will be glad you have when the need arises. Some don’t see the need for it and look at it as a waste of money. However, infrastructures keep being modified to become more complex, and data growth is exponential. Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming more easily compromised, meaning that it is more likely for data to get lost.

Consider pipe bursts and eater floods your data centre. The primary server gets destroyed, along with the tape library, the backup server and all of your storage media. Critical storage data is stored in 1 TB, under protection, and it gets backed up on tape that is offsite, in a library daily at 8 pm. The location for the off-site storage is 5o miles away.

It will take a long time for you to retrieve the off-site memory, replace your damaged equipment and install the new data. You’d have lost many hours and a ton of money with this process.

You can get back-up systems that will recover your data in a very short period by reducing the time it takes to recover your data and reinstall it between backups at a favourable cost to you. Investing a little now in a great backup system will save you time later.