Improve Hiring And Internal Communication Strategies

It’s not easy to hire the right person. There is a lot of patience and time involved, and a lot of communication that must go on.

At Omnicron Technologies, we don’t give up until we have found the best people for the team. We search for people with leadership mentality, team-driven, focused, and people who will bring great assets to companies.

Each hire is a step to our improvement and flourishing. We recognize that each person that joins a team will either add to the team or subtract from the team. So our hiring process is very crucial to us.

We partnered with Culture Index, a company that changed our hiring strategies forever. It aims to aid companies to get the optimal performance it can.

At Omnicron Technologies, we changed our strategy from simply interviewing applicants to giving a 5-minute survey before the interview. The survey classifies them with traits on Social Ability, Autonomy, Logic, Ingenuity and Conformity. These traits are assessed together to show how the application naturally make decisions, communicate, work, and how they conform in going to detail orientation. Our hiring process has drastically improved due to these modifications.