5 Types of Customized T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Are you selling or planning to market custom t-shirts? This article is for you!

To guarantee success in the T-shirt printing industry, you must produce custom t-shirts that would attract customers. After all, who would buy a product they do not like? Thus, you need to choose a printing technique that matches the preference of your target clients.

Here are the five types of custom t-shirt printing methods you may consider:

Screen Printing

The other name for this technique is silkscreen printing. It is one of the oldest and most highly recommended by professionals in the field because it produces excellent results.

This requires you to make a template that must be held in place by a screen. The latter is often made from a mesh with nylon. You would need to pour a generous amount of ink onto the screen. Then, using a sponge, you must press down the ink to ensure it spreads on the entire screen.

Wipe away any excess ink, carefully remove the screen, and you are done!

This process is perfect if you are into bulk printing because you would use similar designs. However, this is not recommended for small projects that require the printing of unique designs as it will take too much time to finish.

Direct to Garment or DTG Printing

This involves printing directly on T-shirts. This is like having a big flatbed printer. The shirt is put on a conveyor belt to be printed on. This technique is known to produce quality results next to screen printing and is best for white clothes.

However, the DTG printer is pretty expensive; thus, this may not be practical for small scale businesses.

Dye Sublimation/Sublimation Printing

It uses a liquid dye that quickly dries up and hardens when in contact with light materials like polyester. To perfect this method, you must apply adequate pressure and heat.

This technique is somehow costly, but your custom t-shirts are guaranteed to have a high-resolution design that will surely amaze your customers.

This is most appropriate for light fabrics and polyester. However, please do not use this on cotton.

Transfer Paper Printing

This printing method is very appropriate for beginners in the industry or small businesses. It is cheap and fast.

This is done by permanently transferring an image from one surface to another. You only need to have a transfer paper to transfer your designs to shirts using pressure and heat.

Vinyl Printing: CAD Cut

It utilizes a soft cloth cut into several shapes using a CAD cutter or Cricut machine. Then, you print these on the t-shirts through a heat press. The latter can be done iron or machine. Your design or image will be transferred to the t-shirt.

This method is best for layouts with small words and graphics but is not suggested for large prints because the shirts may loosen.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing the printing technique for your shirts, we encourage you to have a full understanding of your customers. Survey them to know their preferences and the things they consider when they are investing in custom T-shirts. You can also do market research on what printing method is popular among clients.

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